Contactless guest service for restaurants
and hotels

Key benefits:

Sales growth
Tell your guests about all promotions and special offers with the help of convenient push notifications.
Lack of language barriers
ServeMe Order system automatically defines the language settings in the smartphones of your guests and offers the menu and list of services in a language they understand.
Service quality control
Track staff performance with the help of the ServeMe Orders built-in analytics.
Safe service
Using the Serveme Orders platform, you can save the guests of your place from the need for direct contact with the staff.

Serveme Orders through
the eyes of guests:

Contactless orders from the menu
A detailed description of the dishes and carefully thought-out functionality of the digital menu will allow your guests to place orders without direct contact with the staff of your hotel or restaurant.
Contactless staff assistance
Your clients will be able to contact the waiter of your restaurant or the hotel staff with the help of their own smartphones using text requests of the Serveme Orders.

ServeMe Orders for staff:

Access Anytime, Anywhere
As soon as your guest makes an order in a contactless mode, our platform will automatically determine their location. We use modern technologies such as iBeacon, NFC, and QR.
Convenient application for staff
The Serveme Orders platform allows your staff to receive notifications of new requests or orders from your clients and process them immediately
Control Panel
Using the Control Panel of Serveme you will be able to monitor the quality of service in your place and customize the platform to your needs.
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